Duncan Trillo performing in Covent Garden in 1982


Duncan Trillo 1991


Duncan Trillo 2007



...just to say that I really loved your performance in the Gala show. 'Specially the hanky bit.

Immensely charming, real presence, wit and control. Lovely. Thank you.

Derren Brown



The Act


Duncan Trillo has performed all over the world with a startling act of contemporary, visual magic. Rated as one of the finest magicians in the UK, his act features stunning card manipulation combined with superb sleight of hand magic - all seamlessly performed to music.


Technical requirements: Stage or platform, lighting and PA, for audiences of 50 - 2,000


Career Highlights

International Stars of Magic - The London Palladium
For the 25th International Magic Convention Duncan was asked to present his act in the Gala show at the world famous London Palladium...
"A winning smile, charm and superb technique"
MAGIC Magazine, USA

The Magic Circle Stage Magician of the Year 2004
"On Sunday night, Duncan Trillo, a 'Gold Star' member of The Inner Magic Circle was presented with the prestigious Stage Magician of the Year Trophy. This event, held every two years, is the UK's top magic competition. Duncan presented a superb display of skill, magic and above all, entertainment. Classic card manipulations, combined with his incredible dancing handkerchief, which seemed to take on a life of its own, proved, beyond doubt, that his was the winning act. The Judging Panel, chaired by Sir Bill Cotton CBE, also included Lady Cotton and Paul Kieve."
David Beckley, The Magic Circle

Cabaret aboard the world's finest cruise liners
Royal Caribbean International, Princess Cruises, Cunard, Costa Line, Chandris Line

International Performances
Germany, Austria, Greece, Spain, and the Netherlands. Eight seasons in Japan in Nagasaki, Shizuoka, and Hokkaido.

Numerous Television appearances in the UK, Italy, the USA and Japan including three special guest appearances on the Saturday night ITV series Wayne Dobson - A Kind of Magic.

Television commercials
Five TV commercials as the featured magician or "magician's hands" including card manipulations for the advertising industry award-winning "Va Va Voom" commercial for Renault Clio, with Thierry Henry.

Performing live on stage throughout the country, including:
The London Palladium
The Lyric, Shaftsbury Avenue, West End
The Duke of York's Theatre, Haymarket, West End
The Opera House, Blackpool
The Opera House, Jersey



Member: The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star

Time Out Street Magician of the Year

Time Out Covent Garden Street Entertainers Festival, Best Magicians Performance
Award sponsored by Stringfellows nightclub, London

1st Daidogei World Cup, Shizuoka, Japan
The Chameleon Award ("Pafo-kun") for “Good Feeling”

The Magic Circle Stage Magician of the Year.

Presented by The Magic Circle.

The Magic Circle’s John Nevil Maskelyne Prize
‘For noteworthy contributions by a member or non-member of The Magic Circle to the art or literature of magic.’

Presented by The Magic Circle.

‘The Murray Award’ for outstanding service to the art of magic.
Presented by The Blackpool Magicians’ Club.

‘Communication to the Magic World’ trophy
Presented by The Order of the Magi.

‘The David Berglas Award’ for Outstanding Contribution to Magic.
Presented by The British Magical Society.


Curriculum Vitae

Turned professional. Cabaret in Torquay hotels, over the Christmas and New Year period.

Summer Season, The Prince of Wales Theatre, North Wales "The Ivor Emmanuel 1980 Show."

Cruising for Costa Line in the Caribbean (with two different ten minute spots, performed once a week, for twelve months solid).

First street performances in London's Covent Garden. First magician to appear on the new TV channel “Channel 4” in “A Day in the Garden” (a documentary about the street performers of Covent Garden, shown on Boxing Day December 1982).

Performances in cabaret, private parties, and corporate functions. TV: Pebble Mill BBC 1 (card productions), TV: Do-It ITV (card manipulation).

"The Magician" in the Style Card TV commercial shown in Scotland (manipulating credit cards). Act performed at The Duke of York's Theatre in London's West End for a Charity Gala. Magical consultant on Snowy White's pop video "Bird of Paradise" (the video featured Russ Stevens and reached number six in the UK charts). Selected to be the opening act, on the grand opening night, of a brand new Arts Centre: Watermans.

TV: Arcade ITV (act), TV: Freetime ITV (liquid magic), TV: Illusions ITV (cabaret act), TV: The Sooty Show ITV (card manipulations and floating ball - Sooty was a real pro), "The Magician" in the Southern Gas commercial ITV (manipulating bank notes), Magic Consultant on a Channel 4 movie "Rocinante," coaching Ian Dury. Cabaret at The Magic Circle's Supper Party, London.

"The Magician" in a British gas TV commercial (manipulating "sale" cards). TV: “Christmas in London” Italian TV (cabaret act).

Two months performing act in Nagasaki, Japan. Special performances at The British Film Festival, Munich, Germany. TV: Food and Drink BBC2 ("drink" magic).

TV: Network 7, ITV (card-cheats hands). Two months in Nagasaki, Japan.

Five more months in Nagasaki, Japan. "The Magician" in an Allied Carpets TV commercial ("sale" card productions). New Year's Eve at "The Waverley."

Guest performer at The London Mime Festival, Royal Festival Hall, London. Five months in Nagasaki, Japan. Featured performer in "The Stars of The Magic Circle Show," Guildford Civic Hall. Magic debut of my dancing hanky routine at the IBM's British Ring convention, Eastbourne. Cruising for RCCL (now known as Royal Caribbean International) in the Mediterranean. Star cabaret for The Magic Circle Banquet. Cabaret at Xenon's night club, Piccadilly, London. New Year's Eve at the Waverley.

Cabaret at Xenon's nightclub, Piccadilly, London. Magic consultant to Steven Mackintosh on the movie "London Kills Me." TV: Tricky Business (act) BBC1. Featured performer in the Gala show at the "Nationaal Congress Voor De Goochelkunst" magic convention, Eindhoven, Holland. Cabaret in Ibiza, Majorca and Minorca. Summer Season at the Winter Gardens, Margate as Wayne Dobson's special guest in "Wayne Dobson - A Kind of Magic" and also as Wayne’s special guest in the same show at the Royalty Theatre, Great Yarmouth. New Year's Eve at The Waverley.

Wyvern Theatre, Swindon with Wayne Dobson. Magic weekend: Bognor Regis. TV: Three guest appearances, spread over three weeks, on Wayne Dobson's third TV series of "A Kind of Magic" (the only guest magician ever to appear on the show). Cabaret in Corfu, Rhodes and Spain. Summer season: The Festival Theatre, Paignton, with Wayne Dobson. "Stars of The Magic Circle," Civic Hall, Guildford. Cabaret in Tenerife. Invited to perform at the Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka 1992 Festival (NHK Creative Inc) and awarded the "Good Feeling" prize (Japan).

Performance of act on the Blackpool Magicians' Gala Show at the Opera House, Blackpool. TV: Title sequence for QED BBC1. Cabaret at The Magic Circle's Supper Party, London. Cabaret in Corfu, Rhodes and Spain. Four weeks at the Rusutsu Resort Hotel, Hokkaido, Japan. Guest performer at the Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka 1993 Festival, (NHK Creative Inc) Japan. Christmas cabaret at 'The Mirage,' Windsor with Wayne Dobson.

Created, designed, and built three original illusions for a major up-coming cruise contract, with Royal Caribbean International, taking over from Johnny Hart in "The Magic Touch" aboard the Sun Viking from April.

The contract for Royal Caribbean International that started in April 1994 kept being extended. Continued for another eleven months cruising in Alaska, The Caribbean, and the Mediterranean (turning an initial six-month contract into 19 months straight-through). Performed on the International Gala Show (opening and closing) for Ron and Martin MacMillan's 24th Annual Day of Magic, London.

Magic consultant to "The Magic Show" for Alton Towers. Guest magician on "An Evening with Wayne Dobson," Lyric Theatre in London's West End. Theatre tour of North Wales. Cabaret at the Opus I.O.M. Convention. Summer Season at The Opera House, Jersey, with Wayne Dobson. Three months cruising for Princess Cruises. Once again asked to perform on the International Gala Show for Ron and Martin MacMillan's International Day of Magic, their 25th, at the London Palladium.

Cruising for Princess Cruises, Cunard, and Costa (South America, Mexico, West Coast of Africa and the Mediterranean). Magic Spectacular, University Concert Hall, Limerick, Ireland. Cabaret at The Magic Circle's Annual Supper Party.

Invited to perform during the opening week of "The Centre for the Magic Arts - The New Headquarters of The Magic Circle" with Paul Daniels. Supported Wayne Dobson at the Beck Theatre, Hayes. Devised and presented the first one-day British convention aimed at mind-readers and mentalists: MindMagic '98. Starred in The Magic Circle's newly relaunced Christmas Show, held in the theatre at their new HQ in London.

Cabaret for the Watford Association of Magicians Annual Dinner. Special performance for winners of a magic competition run by The Disney Channel. Magic consultant to the US HBO movie "RKO 281" a movie portraying the events behind the making of Orson Welles's "Citizen Kane" starring Liev Schreiber (as Orson Welles), Melanie Griffith and John Malkovich. Top of the bill for the first Magic Circle Country Members' Day to be held in the new headquarters. Performance on the Stars der Zauberkunst gala show of the 1st joint Society of American Magicians convention with the 44th Osterreichischer Magier Kongress, Bergenlan, Austria. Staged and presented MindMagic '99.

Cabaret for the British Magical Society's Annual Dinner. Cabaret for the Ilford Magical Society's Annual Dinner. Ten days in Japan for the "Huis Ten Bosch Golden Week Special," Nagasaki, including TV. An audience with Wayne Dobson and friends, The Magic Circle, London. Staged the third MindMagic seminar, MindMagic 2000. Launched MagicWeek.co.uk.

Japan, New Orleans S.A.M. convention, ran the fourth, and final, MindMagic convention in London. Launched corporatemagicians.com – UK directory of Magicians for corporate events.

Card manipulations for the Renault Clio "Va Va Voom" TV commercials, with Thierry Henry. Consultancy work on 'Jonathan Creek'.

Blackpool Convention Gala Show (second time).

Card manipulation sequences for the new six-part BBC2 documentary series "Magic". Launched childrenspartyshows.co.uk – the UK directory of children’s entertainers.

Magic Circle Centenary. A four-day magic convention in London to mark The Magic Circle’s centenary. Guest act on the Paul Daniels Gala Show, July, London. Interviewed Derren Brown for the International Magic Convention.

Special guest act on CNN’s 'Quest for Magic' with Richard Quest. Performance for the premiere of ‘The Prestige’, Leicester Square, London.

Just a few shows in London for The Magic Circle.

A few shows in London for The Magic Circle.

Booked for The Magic Circle Supper Party. Plus shows in London for The Magic Circle. Launched magician-uk.co.uk – the UK directory of local magicians.

Just a few shows in London for The Magic Circle.

The Magic Circle’s Christmas Show. Plus shows in London for The Magic Circle.

Wayne Dobson & Friends Show, Blackpool Magic Convention. Plus shows in London for The Magic Circle.

Just a few shows in London for The Magic Circle.

Booked for The Magic Circle’s Awards Evening. Plus shows in London for The Magic Circle.

Booked for The British Ring President's Dinner.

Booked for The Magic Circle’s Young Magicians’ Club Junior Day Convention gala show. Plus shows in London for The Magic Circle.



Since 2000, Duncan eased back from performing full-time, to create and run various internet ventures:

magicweek.co.uk - Magic News in the UK
corporatemagicians.com - The UK Directory of Professional Magicians
childrenspartyshows.co.uk - The UK Directory of Children's Entertainers
magician-uk.co.uk - Directory of Local Magicians
sci-fimovieposters.co.uk - Website retailing original cinema posters, for collectors worldwide



"At the start of his act it seemed his fan club was in the audience, by the end his fan club had grown enormously, there were shouts for 'more' from all over the theatre."
The Budget (British Magic Magazine)

"A World Class Performer... a superb manipulator with an immaculate presentation."
Peter Hepple, The Stage

"A sleight of hand genius."
Richard Woods, Herald Express

"His card manipulation is simply superb, performed in a self-effacing manner that wins the audience by sheer modest charm."
Allen Saddler, The Stage

"The immaculate Duncan Trillo performed fluid manipulations, beautifully presented. I particularly enjoyed his Dancing Hank and Diminishing Cards, both were enchanting!"
Steve Cook, Abracadabra (British Magic Magazine)

"In contrast to the flash, fire and hype of the previous acts, Duncan Trillo moved neatly through blank paper to bank notes, manipulated cards and cigarette packets with expertise and style, and did a great presentation of the Dancing Handkerchief. Drew an ovation and rightly so."
Donald Bevan, Abracadabra (British Magic Magazine)

"Finally the excellent manipulation and delightful dancing hank of Duncan Trillo, whose smooth style throughout his act belies the skills in hands and presentation."
Donald Bevan, Abracadabra (British Magic Magazine)

"A superb act with which to finish the cabaret."
Mike O'Brien, The Magic Circular (The Magic Circle's in-house magazine)

"A winning smile, charm, and superb technique."
Elizabeth Warlock, Magic Magazine, USA

"Finally, to close a most enjoyable evening, the immaculate magic of Duncan Trillo. Superb card manipulations , delightful card fanning and diminishing cards, lead to a brilliant dancing hank which 'lives' as it dives up, down, and around the performer before finally vanishing, only to reappear to take a bow!"
Donald Bevan, Abracadabra (British Magic Magazine)

"We were finally treated to Duncan performing Miracles of card manipulation, building to a finale with his dancing handkerchief that really brought the house down. The applause thundered through the auditorium as Duncan's black chest opened by itself, and the hanky took a bow!"
Steve Ashby, The Magic Circular (The Magic Circle's in-house magazine)

"The undoubted magical highlight of the evening."
Ian Keable, The Magic Circular (The Magic Circle's in-house magazine)

"Duncan Trillo is a classy classic act... superb manipulations brought him a well earned ovation."
Elizabeth Warlock, Abracadabra (British Magic Magazine)

"A joy to watch"
Nicholas Einhorn, The Magic Circular (The Magic Circle's in-house magazine)

"Audience reaction however rose to great heights with Duncan's superb handling of the Dancing Handkerchief, and erupted when the hanky took its own bow."
Donald Bevan, Abracadabra (British Magic Magazine)

"I am a great fan of Duncan whose years of honing his superb manipulation act all over the world allow him to present a performance that is magical and very entertaining with great care given to his stagecraft, music and presentation. His Dancing Handkerchief is a signature classic in his hands. The only explanation for the spectators was that they were witnessing real magic."
John Derris, The Magic Circular (The Magic Circle's in-house magazine)